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  1. 5th gear synchro problem... I think...
  2. Any good shops in Fresno/Visalia????
  3. How-To: Schroth AutoControl Harness Belt Installation
  4. turbo timer install (help)
  5. general mechanic knowledge needed...
  6. Intercooler Sprayer Reservoir Removal
  7. "normal" Transmission noise
  8. help on installing BR hi flow filter
  9. Losing boost about 5k??? Help??
  10. need help w/removing front license plate holder.
  11. Problem with SSQV BlowOfF Valve
  12. fog light trouble
  13. Tail light blackout help needed!
  14. Blitz dttx (dual turbo timer X)
  16. Radio removal
  17. Write up on Cabin air filter
  18. hks hi power drone
  19. Stalling issues
  20. hks eids install and help
  21. Evo Down... my Evo is..
  22. Something is slipping!!!
  23. Clutch Install
  25. hks HIpower does not fit!
  26. Black Out Taillights Mod
  27. How To: Change Brake Pad, or Remove Brake Dust
  28. need tips for replacing drive belts
  29. Rough idle, low RPM, and general plea for help
  30. Need help fixing....
  31. Bogging down.
  32. NEED HELP CAR DIED!!!!!!!?!??!?!??!
  33. "Check Engine Soon" light????
  34. gfb bov - install, review and 1 issue
  35. A small prob with my WORKS throttle body
  36. HKS Turbo Timer type 1 install question.
  37. Weird bumping/rattling noise with my new exhaust
  38. Weird spooling noise and my car doesn't pull.. help again~~
  39. Problems with exedy hyper single clutch and flywheel
  40. install question
  41. Strange noise while down shifting
  42. Choking on water?
  43. Install own springs?
  44. Defi A/F Gauge Install
  45. Kartboy bushings
  46. How-To: T-Sport Rev-Lite shift light install
  47. Groaning noises at 1st and 2nd gear (slow clutch release)??
  48. Problem with Samco IC hoses?
  49. Steering wheel vibration question
  50. Hardy Gauge Panel Install
  51. Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Install.
  52. Clutch starting to slip?
  53. Sound Clip with terrible noise... HELP
  55. Evo8 BR440 Turbo Kit Information
  56. Removing front door panels on evo?
  57. Boost Leak or Timing Belt?
  58. Coilover install
  59. ACD mode lights
  60. Am I going nuts or did my OEM recirc valve get LOUDER?
  62. Uh, oops (lost my wheel lock key)
  63. S-AFC II Install w/ Harness
  64. Front clunking noise?
  65. Problems with my intake.
  66. Detailing Shops
  67. Spark plugs--how/when to inspect and replace?
  68. Hard to engage 2nd gear when shifting near rev limit?
  69. Defi HUD VSD
  70. boost gauge reading high
  71. change halogen low beam bulb
  72. HELP Amp Grounding??
  73. Check Engine light comes on...
  74. How to: Paint FMIC
  75. My car is leaking oil...
  76. Help Oil Pressure?
  77. RS only..factory gauge pak to radio opening
  78. Fluid Leaking
  79. Help!!! Evo lagging/stuttering at WOT
  80. Help/Assistance installing gauges?
  81. Turbo Timer and temp
  82. Check Engine Light ON
  83. Making a replacement trunk mat
  84. service engine soon light
  85. Hmm, bad gas?
  86. 05 GSR HID install HELP...
  87. Intercooler installed
  88. ECU location
  89. need help wit my evo . sounds funny ??
  90. what kind of lube?
  91. Windshield rattle fix:
  92. Autopower rollbar install tips?
  93. Power Enterprise - (Power Boost Control)
  94. Help: Defi fuel pressure sensor install
  95. Leaking bleeding valve at Brembo caliper?
  96. Horrible gas mileage after installing GFB BOV
  97. Got my first P0300 code last week...
  98. HELP on cusco catch can installation
  99. The final solution to Alarm/TT install
  100. autometer nexus?
  101. Getting one new tire...will it screw up my differentials?
  102. Car is shuddering -- clutch problem?
  103. helix intercooler piping?
  104. sqeeking noise in rear seat
  105. boost gauge help !!!
  106. ECU going into "limp" mode?
  107. How-to: six-point race harness belt installation
  108. RPMs are holding and/or rising between shifts - help!
  109. Overtightened bolt on spark plug cover
  110. Misfire / Asking a Favor...
  111. Help. Radio not working!
  112. Evo and EvoMR
  113. Pulsing/juddering in steering wheel
  114. Boost Leak Detector Check
  115. If I wanted to say, cut a 1" hole in my firewall...
  116. Exhaust leak?
  117. How to Install a ZakleeCorp Clear Cam Gear Cover
  118. Remote not working and open-door car chime after tt install
  119. Blitz Turbo Timer Harness
  120. tirecap
  121. help - headlight adjustments
  122. evo slow after air filter change?
  123. Clutch slipping?
  124. Weird noise and brake lights coming on...
  125. Too much boost...?
  126. Black smoke from my Evo?
  127. Clutch Chatter, even worse with new clutch
  128. Need help on headlight adjustment...
  129. Need Fender Roller. Sooner the better $50?
  130. Trunk Springs/Bars
  131. Turbo Timer Help Please!!
  132. I get a whole lot of "Fluttering" with both BOV
  133. engine check
  134. Camber plates install
  135. EDFC manual needed
  136. wiring diagram?
  137. Need advice replacing throttle body
  138. Audio - Speaker Replacement - Help Needed
  139. Boost Restrictor Pill
  140. Serious gas mileage problems
  141. what manuals are available?
  142. having a helluva time installing Ralliart console...
  143. How to disable / disconnect / remove the 5k rev limiter
  144. Clutch stuck "engaged"?
  145. Need crank angle sensor
  146. Boost Restrictor Pill Help...
  147. Quick questions about replacing spark plugs and wires
  148. po134...
  149. anyone quick question!!!
  150. IC piping woes...
  151. Boost not holding..if u install boost controller once help
  152. defeated by the fasteners for the air scoop on an 05?
  153. ACD problems
  154. help with wing and tailights
  155. Install GFB BOV in your EVO (2005 pictured)
  156. Whos Knocking on your door?
  157. SRS light?
  158. Very little boost & bad gas milage
  159. Intake Hose....Help!!
  160. Necessary steps to changing Light Bulbs in Evo...
  161. Help request: tapping exhaust manifold
  162. wing removal?
  163. step by step turbo timer install?
  164. Sunroof Issues
  165. How to: install Valentine One with stealth module
  166. Powerflex motor mount installation?
  167. Hallman Boost Controller troubleshooting
  168. turbo timer in...but
  169. Car issues
  170. door handle spring question
  171. P0300 ?
  172. HKS EIDS Questions ????
  173. Pulling pins out of ECU harness?
  174. MIS-FIRE!!!
  175. Alarm installation questions
  176. Tightening the E-brakes
  177. Removing Rear Wing and covering holes
  178. Looking for a new O2 sensor...
  179. EVO 9 Front Bumper and Lip on my 2003 EVO
  180. maf cleaner
  181. Um, is my timing messed up or what?
  183. Is this true? another p0300 issue....
  184. Installed AEM Intake.. just questions.. **PICS ADDED**
  185. Blitz DTT DC2 Timer install help?
  186. weird noise when downshifting
  187. Boost Problems
  188. I have questions with my MBC install
  189. any idea what might have happened?
  190. need ECU pinout help
  191. Ticking and Rattle Noise!!!
  192. 1st gear feels weird!!!
  194. gas gauge
  195. serious electrical issues
  196. What is wrong with the car????
  197. Help! Problems after amp install
  198. strange noise
  199. 3Rd Gear/Help
  200. Anyone available early tomorrow to help check for boost leak
  201. Need Help On Installing Injen Intake!!!!!
  202. Gas quality and boost fluctuation?
  203. Most unpleasant experience ever: changing the TC oil / fluid
  204. Need to borrow a VOLK key to get my wheels off!! please!!!!!
  205. Speaker size????
  206. Evo IX front bumper install help...
  207. were to install EGT sensor
  208. ALPINE head units install...
  209. safc2
  210. my wing is oxidizing..
  211. Grounding Issues
  212. clutch adjustment
  213. Viper 791xv help needed.
  214. steering wheel vibrates when braking.
  215. HELP with turbo timer
  216. need help, fuses
  217. Light problem
  218. Trunk lid with no holes...
  219. Service Bulletins and Recalls
  220. I am a big failure... NO LONGER!
  221. left/right angle HID adjustment needed.
  222. My car made a complete electrical circuit
  223. weird noises?
  224. Turbo to manifold pipe
  225. Jacked Defi Sending Unit??
  226. perrin mbc
  227. Koyo Radiator Drain screw size??
  228. HIDs on non-HID evo
  229. installed BOV, worried about responsiveness
  230. gauges
  231. one HID turns off
  232. Another strange whining noise
  233. Car's acting up....
  234. Transfer Case is Howling
  235. short shifter
  236. exhaust questions???
  237. boost going up , down and up again.
  238. seat belt beep noise
  239. Clutch questions?
  240. Anyone free this evening for cat-back install help?
  241. clutch problem
  242. RRE oil catch can install and PCV valve delete
  243. turbo install question?
  244. Boosting on stock Cat Back
  245. Dumb question: "unladen condition"?
  246. Need Help for Installation
  247. Do I need special tools to take apart the transfer case?
  248. new rims, now steering wheel shakes..
  249. Front Bumper removal
  250. Help request: removing calipers