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  1. track driving tips
  2. heel-toe/rev-match
  3. Canyon Locations?
  4. Drifting
  5. Newbie question about slow driving (like backing up)
  6. Driving Schools
  7. Tires for autocross??
  8. heel toe downshifting
  9. Who double clutches here?
  10. Highest/safe speed you can drop into 1st?
  11. Who here is using the two step rev limiter?
  12. Feeler: Data acquisition analysis with MQData at Infineon Raceway
  13. MQGPS demo, comparing Tyler McQuarrie to Matz
  14. MQGPS data for SCCA AutoX @ Monster Park, 10/21/07
  15. what do you think about my race ?
  16. Better Stopping Method: Downshift or Neutral?
  17. When to let off the brake?
  18. Camera Mount for HPDE
  19. Whats wrong with this picture?
  20. not a evo .........but i drove pretty bad.