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  1. Very important. pls read
  2. Vehicle Code for Exhausts
  3. Good to have a copy in your glove box.
  4. How to avoid or find your way out of speeding tickets..
  5. Radar/Lidar/transponders
  6. HFC legalities anyone know ?
  7. COPS question...
  8. smog law histry
  9. links to CA smog/ BAR / carb / emissions
  10. Got rolled on today...
  11. New low profile police car lights
  12. New driving laws for 2007
  13. Street Racing Measures
  14. Harness legality
  15. APB: Freeway Motorists
  16. Stock Exhaust
  17. Smog Inspections
  18. Help Quick! Racecar smog
  19. An example that passed smog
  20. aid and abeting speed contest
  21. Paranoid about a Fix It Ticket
  22. Profiling FTL :p
  23. Camaro Z28 vs. Evo = cop in rearview mirro
  24. Got pulled over on Mission Street
  25. 680 between Walnut Creek and San Ramon
  26. Elk Grove Cops (Long)
  27. Ricer Ticket
  28. ECU-based boost control saves the day...
  29. Popping the hood/trunk
  30. wrong car
  31. Rolled on 4th july but can the CHP do this?
  32. its good to have Fans...
  33. Got pulled over by the CHP CAMARO.
  34. Car Totalled, do I claim Test Pipe?
  35. I got pulled over doing 110 in a 35 two nights ago
  36. went to court yesterday....
  37. Got pulled over by a CHP...
  38. Saratoga Gap - apparent Speed Enforcement Operation
  39. police trying to race?
  40. Ticket for tailgating on the Freeway
  41. hey ne one know the tint percentage law
  42. Speeding... :(
  43. Damn cops
  44. Martinez Highway 4
  45. California law for tinted windows
  47. Legality difference between no cat and HFC?
  48. Exhaust Laws...
  49. Be careful out there on HWY 87...
  50. out of state
  51. This is F***ed UP!
  52. got a fix it ticket for exhuast...anyone here willing to lend their stocker?
  53. I got a no Front Plate Parked..
  54. CA Smog check requirements when selling
  55. Cops Galore (union landing. union city)
  56. Watch out for crooked cops like this one...
  57. my luck night
  58. Good Smog Legal Aftermarket Intake?
  59. Autoshop Lawsuit
  60. SF State cops are haters!
  61. Some smog info for Evo
  62. chp heavy 80 near natomas
  63. Undercover...
  64. Got pulled over...ticket issued...any suggestions?
  65. TBE Setup.. Mainly HFC setups though.
  66. Question about State Referee
  67. no front plate ticket
  68. Quick question about smog.
  69. will I pass a state ref smog if I........
  70. Another Ticket
  71. Got pulled over last night on I-5
  72. wish me luck!!!!!!
  73. Police Checkpoints
  74. 94mph in 65 mph zone... How fucked?
  75. 272,280 cams??
  76. 3 Days in Pleasanton, 3 Tickets in Pleasanton. WTF?!?
  77. My cop stories
  78. Radar Jammer on EVO IX
  79. 2000 Honda Accord Silver Undercover Cop??
  80. The Luckiest Guy In The World
  81. You Have GOT to Be Fu*king Kidding Me
  82. Need to get my Fix It Ticket signed off!!!!
  83. Got pulled over tonight.
  84. question ref
  85. Okay, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  86. Watch out! HWY 4 in Martinez!
  87. got pulled over...
  88. CHP now using LIDAR (laser) in the Bay
  89. Watch out in Milpitas!!
  90. know speedtraps in your area!!!!
  91. Lafayette/Moraga/Orinda Highway 24 watch out
  92. heads up! CHP is getting new unmarked dodge chargers
  93. Hayward Discrimination Police Depatment
  94. Lidar in use on San Tomas right now in santa clara/sunnyvale
  95. Request change of court? (my first Evo speeding ticket)
  96. 680 / 580 Riding hella hard
  97. State ref
  98. 2nd Speeding Ticket (grumpy officer)
  99. pulled over again yo!
  100. intercooler piping
  101. Got Busted. Lordy Lordy...
  102. Fremont/Newark Charger
  103. CHP using lidar on 85
  104. Failed the Smog Test No Cat from (Maryland)
  105. speedtrap database
  106. Dealing with Mods, Smog & The Law
  107. dodged the bullet...
  108. Some good information regarding Smog Checks and Stations.
  109. Watch Out For Police in: Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek Area
  110. Well, it finally happened! (long)
  111. CHP on 280 North & Southbound.
  112. Custom Apex'i Noir makes....
  113. Rolled on
  114. wow..cant believe this guy..
  115. ZOMG 47 in a 30 over in Orinda? Doesn't end how you expect.
  116. where to get the speedo calibrated?
  117. It's happening again
  118. Got pulled over Wednesday, June 18, 2008
  119. Why police officers ask you to pop the hood *police officers perspective*
  120. CHP around 9am on 680S to 24 between Pleasant Hill and Orinda weekdays
  121. Question about State Ref. tickets
  122. The old no front plate fix-it
  123. CHP only pulling over Westbound on 80
  124. Need to borrow factory parts got ref ticket
  125. smoked headlights/taillights laws
  126. 'finally' got pulled over.
  127. VEHICLE CODE SECTION 21650-21664 (slower traffic stay right)
  128. WTF with the San Mateo Chips?
  129. No Front Plate? Here's a cheap alternative.
  130. got pulled over....AGAIN
  131. case dismissed...
  132. She finally got pulled ova
  133. how am i supposed to get my car refereed?..
  134. muffler/exhaust citation...who had it?
  135. CVC 27151(a)
  136. Anyone With Experience?
  137. Officer lied in court, what can i do?
  138. Any Evo owner cops here?
  139. officer T. Smith
  140. CVC 15150(a) & 15156(a)
  141. CVC 5200, 27150, 27156
  142. Got My State Ref Signed Off
  143. Did a smog pre-test today...
  144. 2nd loud exhaust citation
  145. I lost my ticket virginity
  146. Fighting Speeding: rules and document collection
  147. speeding ticket
  148. CARB #s
  149. Cops <3 burrito shooter
  150. Got pulled over!
  151. state ref.
  152. CVC 5200 & CVC 5204
  153. 11-99 license plat no more?
  154. Pulled over - for a front plate, then a "Pop that hood son"
  155. Go ahead and pop the hood...
  156. Thumbs down the butchers bill...
  157. Front Plate Violation (LAME!)
  158. Ratemycop.com
  160. not GUILTY FTMTFW!!!!!!!!!!
  161. I got an invite to the Ref party.... yay!!!
  162. Just got hit with speeding...
  163. Close Calls
  164. no texting while driving starting Thursday
  165. pulled a Need for speed move LOL
  166. Pass-able?
  167. when to smog
  168. ::Want To Borrow:: Un-Tinted front window glass
  169. EPIC FAIL!!!! or win...?
  170. Got a ref. ticket for an illegal intake
  171. Traffic school information
  172. Props to CHP 880 South
  173. Got State reffed
  174. Ref Station
  175. need stock evo cat now
  176. Need stock 8 cat, airbox, and timing belt tensioner tool
  177. YES you can PASS SMOG w/ 272 cams...!
  178. State ref ticket
  179. Insurance Question
  180. FMICs ok for State Ref and Smog, stated in Smog Check Reference Guide
  181. Ever ran from the fuzz?
  182. Got turned away at a smog shop?
  183. I passed smog today
  184. Can i pass smog? Evo VIII, works dp,ip,ab,hfc,p2 chip
  185. Ref ticket
  186. trying to tow my car away for modified exhaust
  187. injen c.a.r.b#
  188. Cops crack down on modified Cars!
  189. ugh i got popped ..state ref ticket
  190. state ref in lake county?
  191. Almost got a ticket in Davis
  192. CHP going crazy
  193. Think i'll pass smog?
  194. Smog
  195. State ref
  196. How is 95dB limit measured for exhaust?
  197. My Red Bucket just passed the Smog
  198. Need a lenient smog check place
  199. Po-po today and got snaged looking out for modifed
  200. Will smog be an issue with tune & TB exhaust?
  201. Traffic ticket
  202. For those who had to go to State Ref...I need some help...
  203. Red Light Ticket Question!
  204. another chp rant.
  205. My CHP Story
  206. smogging the evo
  207. Another Speed Ticket
  208. Smog help!!
  209. Need to borrow stock cat...
  210. Whoohooo Passed the test
  211. emissions, Repost?
  212. Fix It Ticket. Anyone have a full stock evo 9 exhaust system?
  213. your ticket legacy
  214. Apexi Exhaust Valve Control
  215. Two tickets in one weekend
  216. beating the red light
  217. Were you profiled for driving an Evo? Tell me about it here!
  218. bigger turbo
  219. Possibly bringing my Evo back to california
  220. Smog Time anyone have a stock cat i can barrow?
  221. smog check
  222. Moved from a non smog state. Now I need to reg. am I totally screwed.???
  223. Wow! I passed smog.
  224. smog then p0134?
  225. It's that time again, need a stock cat
  226. E85 smog exemption Petition on whitehouse website
  227. Anyone got a cat for sale or that i can borrow?
  228. will i pass smog?
  229. Smog
  230. anyone kind enough to lend a stock bov and flange?