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  1. How to/DIY: Flush Coolant
  2. How To/DIY: Oil Change
  3. How to make your wing all-CF
  4. To test the clutch for slippage
  5. how to install MBC
  6. How to: Install your Brake Line
  7. How-to: Autopower bolt-in rollbar install
  8. How-to: wheel hub removal and lug/wheel stud installation
  9. How to: Install GReddy gauges in Gruppe-S gauge panel
  10. How to: make your own coolant sensor adapter
  11. How to: one way to install PLX Devices M-300 wideband O2
  12. Walbro 255 pump install **pics**
  13. How to: Install GM MAP sensor
  14. How to: install oil temp sender adapter
  15. How to: Install fuel injectors
  16. How to: Install coilovers
  17. How To: Make a Boost leak tester
  18. How to: Install a new turbo
  19. HOW TO: 9006 HID on non-HID Evos
  20. HOW TO: Replace lancer "gauge" with omori 45mm boost gauge
  21. TECH ARTICLE: intercooler fin engineering and design (ins and outs pics)
  22. TECH ARTICLE: 16g turbos and all its variants (20g)
  23. TECH ARTICLE: aerodynamics info
  24. HOW TO: Change your O2 Housing AND 10.5 housing
  25. INSTALL: Walbro 255lph fuel pump
  26. Install: Intercooler
  27. HOW TO: "gus mod" dejon tools leak stop kit (MR BOV!!!)
  28. INSTALL: full blown's twin fuel pump setup
  29. TECH ARTICLE: how MAFs work
  30. INTALL: Hot Lap Motorsports Front Tow Hook
  31. INSTALL: downpipe (hks)
  32. HOW TO: Mechanical o2 simiulator cel eliminator
  33. INSTALL: Apex-I AVC-R
  34. INSTALL: manual boost controller
  35. HOW TO: install HID conversion kits
  36. INSTALL: DEFI boost gauge
  37. How To: Shorty Antenna
  38. HOW TO: change all driveline fluids
  39. HOW TO: change motor oil
  40. HOW TO: flush coolant
  41. HOW TO: make your whole wing carbon fiber
  42. Install: Beatrush Propeller Shaft Bushings
  43. install: Side mirror removal & Ganador
  44. HOW TO: Change your Brake Pad, or Remove Brake Dust
  45. INSTALL: radio relocation kit
  46. INSTALL: APEXi turbo timer
  47. INSTALL: VEI systems Triple-Gauge
  48. HOW TO: remove rear bumper AND install evo 9 rear bumper
  49. OW TO: modify your stock "lancer" gauge to accept useful gauges
  50. Install: SMC Alky Kit
  51. INSTALL: EVO One Touch Sunroof Controller Installed (Pictures)
  52. INSTALL: Perrin 25mm rear swaybar & stout mounts
  53. HOW TO: remove bumper and install HID bulbs!
  54. INSTALL: defi control unit (and a gauge mounting idea)
  55. HOW TO: add a nipple on an Aftermarket LICP (Fixes Low boost flutter of BOV)
  56. HOW TO: Change your O2 Housing AND 10.5 Housing
  57. HOW TO: swap power windows/mirrors/locks and remote locking into an RS
  58. Install: The Nisei Genesis Mini Battery Kit!
  59. INSTALL: Wideband O2 sensor
  60. INSTALL: ZakleeCorp Clear Cam Gear Cover
  61. HOW TO: clutch pedal adjustment
  62. INSTALL: HKS SSQV blow off valve
  63. TECH ARTICLE: Torque Settings for the Evo 8
  64. INSTALL: magnecore 8.5mm spark plug wires (or the like)
  65. HOW TO: In-Car Valve Spring and Retainer Install
  66. INSTALL: DEFI boost gauge
  67. INSTALL: arc induction box
  68. HOW TO: Door panel removal and speaker installation
  69. HOW TO: cut undertray for intercooler
  70. HOW TO: change clutch disc and pedal play
  71. HOW TO: keep the clock from dimming when you turn the headlights on
  72. INSTALL: greddy full auto turbo timer
  73. HOW TO: assemble a 2.3 stroker motor
  74. INSTALL: trunk bar
  75. INTALL: B&M Short Shifter
  76. INSTALL: clutch line and HOW TO: remove restrictor pill
  77. HOW TO: make your recaros all black
  78. INSTALL: vortex generator
  79. HOW TO: adjust brake light pedal switch
  80. INSTALL: front motor mount with an aluminum bracket
  81. HOW TO: polish rims yourself
  82. INSTALL: press in type motor mounts
  83. INSTALL: drop in filter
  84. INSTALL: HKS EVC boost controller
  85. HOW TO: install a small shift light into your HVAC vent
  86. HOW TO: Program a New Key
  87. HOW TO: Make your test pipe look like a CAT
  88. HOW TO: create a stealthy interior, black
  89. HOW TO: Brighter instrument lights
  90. INSTALL: braided brake lines
  91. HOW TO: Brake Ducting
  92. HOW TO: disable / disconnect / remove the 5k rev limiter
  93. HOW TO: Compression Test
  94. HOW TO: Boost Leak Test, damn easy
  95. INSTALL: Carbing Undertray
  96. INSTALL: RMR Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop
  97. HOW TO: Change your Sparkplugs
  98. tech article: the anatomy of a bov
  99. HOW TO: headlight level adjustment
  100. Cam install vid
  102. service manuals download
  103. How-to: Replace Throttle Body shaft seals
  104. HOW TO: modify stock rear crash beam to fit jdm 9 bumper
  105. Just another Wideband - $100 wideband o2 kit
  106. HOW TO: Mount Front Plate w/o drill holes in front
  107. HOW TO: properly install plain, slotted or drilled brake rotors
  108. How To: Change your keyless entery Answerback
  109. HOW TO: MAF screen reinforcement with epoxy
  110. HOW TO: Oil dipstick retainer spring
  111. HOW TO: Relocate HVAC to lower cubby
  112. HOW TO: Make JDM headlight fogs work on a USDM car.
  113. HOW TO: turn off non-HID Evo X's DRL
  114. How to Polish Valve cover: X
  115. Deck Mod
  116. Need help making a subwoofer enclosure from fiberglass
  117. Dog Engagement Explained by MSI
  118. WHAT IT TAKES! Manufacturing an ALBINS drive shaft
  119. changing all fluids what do you recommend?
  122. ATP's GARRETT GTX3582R product review by PAT@FFTEC