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  171. That's what i got to say..........
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  177. Did you guys get a binder for your owner's manual for the glove box?
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  181. Bolt-on twin-scroll Garrett GT30R turbo
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  183. Ipod adapter for aux input?
  184. Tire pressure sensor question, and anyone got some tire pressure sensors?
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  187. 2009 X
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  189. Stealth Cat
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  191. for the ix owners, have you found yourself....
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  193. EVO X Clutch offerings from WORKS
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  233. should i tint all around on my EVOx?
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  237. have you guys encountered this?
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  245. Loss of Power
  246. Check light????. help! plz
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  249. new vendor : blu808.com
  250. Updating to 2010 color LCD, how to update the odometer