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  2. Noobies Posting in the classifieds please read!
  3. WANT TO BUY: Front Recaros
  4. WANT TO BUY: wtb evo 9 tail lights or JDM tail lights
  5. anyone selling their evo x mr spoiler???
  6. wtb 25mm rear swaybar for IX
  7. WTB uk "evolution viii" chrome or black trunk badge
  8. WTT: c-west carbon hood for oem hood
  9. WTB roof rack
  10. WTB Stock Evo 9 Downpipe
  11. WANT TO BUY: evo 8/9 headlights
  12. WANT TO BUY: AS left front fender!
  13. WANT TO BUY: Oem evo 8/9 front bumper any color
  14. WTB: Evo8 Gray, White or Red
  15. WANT TO BUY: Evo 9 front license plate bracket/holder
  16. WANT TO BUY: OEM Wastegate Actuator
  17. wtb stock radio
  18. wtd left control arm
  19. WANT TO BUY: OEM evo 8/9 hood (any color, any condition, damage okay)
  20. WANT TO BUY: Tactrix Cable
  21. WTB: 17x9 wheels
  22. WTB Factory hood vent
  23. WANT TO BUY: Electronic Boost Controller, and turbo timer
  24. WANT TO BUY: OEM undertray
  25. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8/9 hood
  26. WANT TO BUY: 4 stock lug nuts
  27. WTT: EVO IX SE Power window assembly FOR EVO RS Manual Assembly
  28. WTB: Aftermarket Intake manifold and matching TB
  29. WANT TO BUY: evolution 8 - 9 coilovers
  30. WANT TO BUY: Advan A046 (2)
  31. WANT TO BUY: Greddy Ti-C Catback, or Megan Racing Exhaust
  32. WANT TO BUY: IX tails k thanx
  33. WANT TO BUY: ww2005 stock front/rear bumper, stock lip
  34. evo IX rotors
  35. WANT TO BUY: Meth injection and other parts
  36. stock or aftermarket rear brake pads
  37. Wanted: Evo9 Turbo, 0/2 Housing, Headers, Downpipe, Speedometer/Cluster, mirrors,
  38. WANT TO BUY: Forge WGA for IX
  39. WANT TO BUY: stock Brembo brakes
  40. Wtb evo front bumper
  41. WTB Tires decent conditon
  42. Trunk Lining WTB
  43. WTB: Stock struts w/ springs
  44. WTB Red driverside fender
  46. WTB driverside fender and fender liner
  47. WTB Evo X Turbo Inlet Pipe & Outlet Pipes
  49. WTB: stock ix midpipe
  50. STIkiller license plate frame
  51. WANT TO BUY: 3 port boost solenoid
  52. WTB IX Evo MR or IX SE MR, WW or TB
  54. WTB: TB Fender (passenger side)
  55. WTT- X Trunk with GSR Spoler For Trunk with no spoiler
  56. WANT TO BUY: Stock MR Shift Knob
  57. WANT TO BUY: WTB IX Enkei or BBS
  58. WTB snow tires w/ wheels
  59. WTB Evo 8 Rims w/out tires.
  61. WANT TO BUY: IX Front Lip, Carbon Fiber, Wicked White? Anyone have one?
  62. want to trade type R 2000 integra/jdm for evo plus cash>>>>
  63. WANT TO BUY: winter or all season tires 235/45/17
  64. WTB: Another EVO either VIII or IX GSR
  65. WTB
  66. wtb 1000 or 1200cc injectors
  67. WTB: OEM Lugnuts
  68. Want To Borrow: spare tires.
  69. WANT TO TRADE: My Tinted Evo8 tails for stock evo8 tail lights
  70. evo IX bov
  71. Wtt vis cf hood+trunk+ spoiler lip for gg hood and trunk
  72. WANT TO BUY: looking bilstein shocks
  73. WANT TO BUY: 06 EVO IX MR tail lights and bumper apex silver
  74. WANT TO BUY: used Tein or Cusco Ti front strut brace for Evo 8/9
  75. WTB: RS (manual) door and window - Trade for my IX SE power doors/windows + $200
  76. WANT TO BUY: RS Headliner
  77. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8 stock BOV
  78. WTT: Exhaust
  79. WANT TO BUY: Evo VIII or IX TURBO (10.5 hotside a must)
  80. wtb: stock front carpet floor mats
  81. WANT TO BUY: 255/35/18 Sport Tires!!!
  82. want to buy camber plates
  83. wt evo wheels
  84. Wtb evolution x
  85. WANT TO BUY: 17" or 18" used rims with tires
  86. Wtb evo x projector headlights!!
  87. WTB: Aftermarket Rear Sway Bar
  88. WTB Stock evo 8 suspension.
  89. WANT TO BUY: Stock Undertray (VIII/IX)
  90. wtb mr bilstein shocks
  91. WANT TO BUY: Want o buy an "evo IX zero lift kit"
  92. WANT TO BUY: 90 degree CEL Fix
  93. WANT TO BUY: Apex Silver Trunk Lid Evo 8/9
  94. WTB or trade my AS evo 8/9 trunk+cash for you AS trunk
  95. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8-9 Fenders, Headlights, Doors, Trunk, Front and Rear Bumpers, Hood, Sideskirts
  96. WANT TO BUY: IX stock wheel
  97. WANT TO BUY: Garage HRS Exhaust
  98. WANT TO BUY: Here's what I need if anyone is selling let me know...
  99. WANT TO BUY: subs
  100. WANT TO BUY: GM 3-Port boost control solenoid and harness
  101. WTT Exhaust
  102. WANT TO BUY: EVO 8-9 Front Crash Beam
  103. wtb: mines carbin fiber rear lip wing
  104. WANT TO BUY: APR Performance GT3 carbon fiber side mirrors
  105. WANT TO BUY: Boost Gauge
  106. WANT TO BUY: Any one want to sell thier CF hood
  107. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8 Radiator
  108. wants to buy a stock cat
  109. WANT TO BUY: stock exhaust
  112. WANT TO TRADE: XSPOWER Intercooler for stock (WTB stock intercooler)
  113. wtb stock rims
  114. WANT TO BUY: Enkei Evo 8 wheels
  115. 255/40/18
  116. WANT TO BUY: cheap rims with tires for under 200
  117. WANT TO BUY: stock lug nuts
  118. Harmonic Balancer
  119. WANT TO BUY: Front Door, passenger side Evo 8-9
  120. WANT TO BUY: USDM or JDM rear bumper
  121. WANT TO BUY: Need a Weightless White or carbon fiber Hood
  122. evo 8 tranny/ seats
  123. WANT TO BUY: Wtb evo VII tail lights
  124. WANT TO BUY: Downpipe and stock evo 9 BOV
  125. WTT 3in downpipe for 2.75in downpipe
  126. WTB: front crash beam bar
  127. WANT TO BUY: rear bumper
  128. wtb front bumper 8, 9 or aftermarket
  129. wtb evo 7 tail lights
  130. WANT TO TRADE: Evo 9 headlights for Evo 9 headlights with fogs
  131. WANT TO TRADE: Wanna trade BBS SE rims for BBS MR gray rims
  132. WTB: JDM Evo8 MR Headlights w/ Fogs!
  133. need 750 and up injectors at a good price
  134. WANT TO BUY: 1000cc RC or PTE Injectors
  135. WANT TO BUY: C.A.R.B. Sticker
  136. WANT TO BUY: evo 9 front bumper
  137. WANT TO BUY: Passenger Side Door
  138. WANT TO BUY: Evo 9MR bov
  139. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8/9 Hood - Apex Silver
  140. WANT TO BUY: IX Intake Manifold
  141. who wants to sell me....
  142. WANT TO BUY: JDM headlights HID projectors/fogs
  144. WANT TO BUY: Stock lug nuts
  145. WANT TO BUY: want to buy stock cat
  147. WANT TO BUY: WTB 03 EVO VIII front 02 sensor
  148. WTB 245/17's
  149. WTB: Suspension (KW, Ohlins, JRZ, AST, Moton)
  150. Need a Evo 8 motor
  151. WTT
  152. WTT or WTB
  153. WANT TO BUY: IC, Drop in filter,Wga, Licp, Injectors and other stuff
  154. WANT TO BUY: Stock DownPipe Donut
  155. WANT TO BUY: WTB: Timing Belt Tool
  156. wtb: shifter trim panel
  157. WTB: evo 8 front bumper any condition
  158. WTB evo 9 FRONT bumper
  159. WANT TO BUY: Evo VIII driver's seat
  160. WANT TO BUY: GG hood, pass fender, IX headlight housings and IX front bumper
  161. WANT TO BUY: Exhaust that fits JDM bumper...
  162. WANT TO BUY: Healthy, Stock Catalytic Converter
  164. WANT TO TRADE: looking to trade my advan rg2s
  166. WANT TO BUY: GG IX Front/Rear bumper
  167. WANT TO BUY: Anyone have a set of shocks ?
  168. WANT TO BUY: Nor Cal Evo sticker
  169. need evo 8 tranny blew mine to shit
  170. WANT TO BUY: wicked white evo 9 passenger fender
  171. WTT - Stance GSR+ Coilovers for stock 2006 MR Bilsteins Suspension
  172. WANT TO BUY: voltex (or replica) diffuser and Voltex front bumper
  173. WTB. LICP UICP Intercooler small battery 02 housing... rear sway bar
  174. WANTED TO BUY: BR race FMIC
  175. WTB: IX or JDM 8 or 9 headlights
  177. WANT TO BUY: Looking for Fenders ANY FENDERS IN GOOD CONDITION!!!!!
  178. WANT TO BUY: GG 9 LIP
  179. WANT TO BUY: Drivers side fender liner
  180. WANT TO BUY: Yakima Roof Rack + attachments
  181. wtb v-band 44mm wastegate and dump tube
  182. WANT TO TRADE: Hks evc Almost brand new for defi boost and air/fuel unit system
  183. WTB: Orbital Double Din- willing to pay more than when it was brand new! PROFIT $$$
  184. WANT TO BUY: Do Luck or Do Luck replica front lip
  185. WTB: Stock Airbox
  186. WTT: Apexi N1 ExTi TBE for Tanaba Medalion Touring TBE.
  187. WANT TO TRADE: 2006 GSX-R looking to trade for a sporty little car
  188. WTB AS IX Parts
  189. WTB tanabe medalion touring cbe for 8/9
  190. WTB: Coilovers or MR Bilsteins with Springs
  191. WTB: EVO 9 front bumper black
  192. WANT TO BUY: WTB Stock Suspension.
  193. WANT TO BUY: lowering springs
  194. WTB/borrow 46mm C-spanner
  195. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8 Front recaro's.
  196. WTB or WTT: 1 Evo 8 Enkei
  197. WANT TO BUY: Stock Steering wheel
  198. WTB Evo 8 HKS 272/272 cams
  199. WANT TO BUY: stolen evo seats need new
  200. WTT: OEM Style Carbon Fiber Hood for Wicked White ct9a hood
  201. WANT TO BUY: Rims
  202. WANT TO BUY: Stock Evo IX catalytic converter
  203. WANT TO BUY: Works muffler delete axleback
  204. WANT TO BUY: need used stock advan tires. pair or set. (bay area)
  205. WANT TO BUY: WTB: stock mitsubishi evo 8/9 stock cat convertor
  206. stock catalytic converter
  207. wtb evo 8 ecu
  208. WTB: EVO 9 front left fender
  209. WANT TO BUY: WTB: Stock Evo 9 Rims with Tires!
  210. WTB: hks hi power exhaust
  211. WANT TO BUY: evo 8 front passenger side fender liner and evo 9 front lip ( black or primer)
  212. WANT TO BUY: Stock Intake Duct aka snorkel
  213. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8 Front lip (any color)
  214. WANT TO BUY: Used 245/40/18 or 235/40/18 tires in good condition
  215. WANT TO BUY: Need 1 Evo X GSR 18" wheel
  216. Need to borrow a stock Cat
  217. WANT TO BUY: rear evo 8 seats
  218. WANT TO TRADE: Forge Bov
  219. apex silver rear wing for 05 evo
  220. WANT TO BUY: 1000-1200cc injectors
  221. WANT TO BUY: Ams turboback exhaust evo ix
  222. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8 tail lights
  223. WANT TO BUY: Evo 8 front seats
  224. WTB: FMIC, LICP, UICP, Valvesprings, more
  225. WANT TO BUY: WTB: Evo 9 Cat
  226. WANT TO BUY: Stock evo 8 or 9 wheels
  227. Stock Vaccum line Boost Solenoid "pill"
  228. wtb: evo 8 front and rear sets, evo 8 silver rear wing
  229. WANT TO BUY: Stock VIII or IX Wheels
  230. WTB evo ix OEM cat