• Major Upgrade!

      We've just upgraded the forums to the next major revision of VBulletin, this is to help stem the SPAM and also to give it the new CMS controls.

      We will be working over the next couple weeks to retheme the site completely to how it was originally.
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      1. savaho's Avatar
        savaho -
        Finally, something being done about the spam! Please keep the theme simple and not hard on the eyes like some other forums.
      1. jay206's Avatar
        jay206 -
      1. aaevol9's Avatar
        aaevol9 -
        The site looks good!
      1. joeevo's Avatar
        joeevo -
        its coo..trying to get use to
      1. Domolution's Avatar
        Domolution -
        Yeap, trying to get use to it as well.
        Different, but it will be awesome once i know how to control this forum, ha.
      1. alldayreese's Avatar
        alldayreese -
        not a fab of the new post bar ob the side
      1. sho_evo_209's Avatar
        sho_evo_209 -
        Hey by any chafe do u guys still have a app base for iPhones still I know u had one a while ago but not ague if u still have it