• Guinness World Record

      Our own 2011 Outlander Sport recently set an actual Guinness World Record. And no, it's not because it offers a ton of high-tech standard features and starts at just $18,495*. Although that certainly is impressive.

      The prestigious Guinness World Record was recently awarded during the Mitsubishi Live Drive. From November 1 through November 10, 2010, thousands of people participated in the Live Drive event, steering our remote-controlled Outlander Sport around a course in Southern California -- using their keyboards to control the Outlander Sport in real time. It was the world's first online test drive.

      The event attracted the attention of officials at Guinness, so they sent some judges to observe as we set our sights on an official world record: the "Farthest Drive by an Online Controlled Vehicle in 24 Hours." We're pleased to report that on November 9, 2010, the Outlander Sport logged 91 miles (all driven remotely by people who were hundreds and even thousands of miles away). We can't take all the credit, of course. Special thanks to everyone out there who helped us set the record. Even those of you who just did donuts the whole time.