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Thread: Trackday supplies

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    a running car? :?
    Eat me

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    OT FTW!

    Mine is running as of today! Now I just need to find a stock bumper lip.

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    alright, the yellow is going to be up and running at the track friday.

    Anything i should bring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilson1
    alright, the yellow is going to be up and running at the track friday.

    Anything i should bring?

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    Updated list!

    1. Jack and jack stand (unless I have a buddy bringing a jack as well)
    2. All the tools and usual sockets, 10mm to 22mm
    3. Torque wrench
    4. Breaker bar
    5. Couple extra lug nuts
    6. Couple extra wheel studs
    7. Extra fuel pump (I bring my stock one)
    8. Extra injectors (I bring my stock set)
    9. Extra BOV (I bring my stock one)
    10. Set of new spark plugs
    11. 2 qts of oil, oil filters, Cat litter (can come in handy for oil spills)
    12. Mechanix gloves and latex gloves
    13. Extra bottle of brake fluid, brake lines
    14. Small brake bleeder bottle
    15. Extra set of front pads
    16. Depending on condition of front rotors, I bring an extra set of front rotors
    17. Tire pressure gauge
    18. Helmet and gloves if you wear them
    19. Sunglasses
    20. Extra Intercooler pipe clamps
    21. Small hammer, rubber mallet
    22. Extra vac hoses
    23. Bag of large and small zip-ties
    24. Two folding camping chairs
    25. Extra rags, micro fiber towels
    26. Medium size cooler if it's a hot day
    27. Sunblock
    28. Extra underwear and socks.
    29. Flashlight
    30. funnelsteflon tape
    31. airtank
    32.Masking tape, Electrical tape, Duct tape/Racer tape,
    33.windex, Bug and tar remover,coolant and distilled water
    34.coolant and distilled water, quart of ATF for the power steering and ACD controller on stock wheels + street tires (use on track when raining); carry in car, race wheels/tires. wire
    37.razor scooter! It saves mega time walking back and forth to the bathrooms/other cars.

    Additions for TT / advanced lapping

    Transponder (charged starting the day before!)
    Tire Temp monitor (longacre probe style)
    Notebook for logging tire temps/pressures, setup, track notes etc. (have to constantly remind myself to use this more often)
    Camera + suction mount + car charger

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    I didn't see it listed but maybe add:

    jumper cables
    piece of wood to chock wheels

    You can get a 3 suction cup camera mount at

    Also, when do you know the power steering and acd pumps need new/more fluid?

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