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    Hey anyone know why 2 brand new Door Lock Actuators would just die and not work anymore? I have an alarm system in my Brothers hatch, I haven't touched his car in a month and had everything lying in the car sitting in the driveway. I went out on Tuesday to hook everything up, the door lock actuators are dead! They won't pop with it all wired up. Do you think the heat fried the electronics?

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    Hook up a multimeter to the wires at the door lock actuator to see if it's getting any voltage. That'll tell you if the tires are good or not.

    You can try putting 12V and ground to the two wires momentarily (don't hold the wires to the battery though) to see if they fire also.

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    Nice, thanks for the info. I will try that when I get home from work.

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    does the domelight dim when you try them?..
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    No since the doors closed when I try to lock/unlock. I took the actuators and used a 9V battery to see if the motor works, they do. So I think that the relay may be bad. Don't know how they can get bad though. I bought them brand new from Circuit City...

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    Wow, sorry i thought this was about poppers...duh..

    if you have a test light/dmm, probe the inputs and outputs on the relays and diagnose the issue.
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