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    After watching my brakes catch on fire on the last track day, I came across derek's excellent writeup on how he did his ducting for the otc and thought I would give it a go. Big thanks to rich this afternoon for helping.

    Basically, you take the bumper off and then the calipers, the dust screen, attach some flanges to the grill on the bumper route the hoses and put everything back together.

    This came from derek's otc diary where he lays it out in great detail:

    Btw, this mod is cheap! hose and flanges and zip ties for 2 cars is about 80 bucks.

    Here are some pics:

    I <3 Nisei Engineering

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    As a little bit of background, all Forge Motorsport products are manufactured in-house at Forge Motorsport UK, certified under the ISO quality control standard 9001, and this product WILL carry a Lifetime Warranty against all defects and failure which is fully transferable to any subsequent product owner.

    A video tour of our UK manufacturing facility can be seen here:


    Forge Part Number - FMEVOBCDK

    Brake Cooling Duct Kit

    Fits - All Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7/8/9 with OEM Brembo calipers

    Current ESTIMATED Price - $200 plus shipping and applicable taxes

    Estimated Availability - 3 weeks

    Included Components:
    - Brake Ducts
    - Fitting Hardware
    - Roughly 10 feet of 2" high-temp ducting
    - Clamps and zip-ties to secure ducting
    - Basic Instructions
    - POSSIBLY duct inlets (still working on possible design)
    - Forge Sticker

    (This product is only designed to work with the OEM Brembo calipers. We cannot guarantee fitment with any other brake caliper upgrades or downgrades(non-Brembo Evo RS). This product will also work with aftermarket rotors, so long as the OEM Brembo calipers are still used.)

    This product will be available through any one of our distributors/dealers, many of which are also EvoM vendors.

    We will consider doing an initial one-time Group Buy, but nothing has been decided upon yet.


    These units are hand made in the UK by our own fabrication team.

    The bodies use 2mm thick sheet aluminum, the brackets are 3mm thick sheet aluminum, and the tubing is 2mm thick 2" diameter aluminum tubing with a bead rolled end for secure mounting of the ducting. The entire assembly is lightly polished.

    The ducts are designed to bolt directly to the wheel hub using the OEM caliper carrier mounting points and the supplied 100% stainless steel hardware.

    The ducts have been designed to allow for optimal clearance from the axle boot, the caliper itself, and all other working and non-working suspension and braking components. They also allow for a full range of steering input without any clearance issues.


    - Each duct weighs exactly 1/3 of a pound (2/3 for both)
    - The entire set of hardware for both front calipers weighs just a hair under 1 pound.
    - Ducting will weight about 2 to 2.5 pounds depending on how much each person uses on their car.




    *These pictures are of the intial prototype units, so they are a little rough looking. Production units will be nice and clean.


    As some technical background, when a vented (vaned) rotor spins, it creates a vacuum pulling air from the center of the rotor out to the outer edge of the rotor. Typically, the air drawn from the center of the rotor is very hot anyway, creating minimal to no actual cooling at best. Directing cooler air from any other source to the center of the rotor will decrease the temperature of the air cooling the rotor significantly increasing it's ability to keep cool.

    The vacuum effect created by the rotation of the rotor implys that cooler air will be drawn through the ducting without any kind of inlet trumpet, so long as the car is moving (rotor spinning), so there will be no decrease in cooling efficiency as compared to those kits that will include trumpets or if trumpets are not used on any one person's bumper.

    Again, we have not yet determined if duct inlet trumpets will or won't be included, but the price will not change much, if at all if we do include them.

    Our goal is to make this product useable on any OEM or aftermarket front bumper, so the inclusion of bumper-specific duct inlets could inhibit the fitment of this product to certain bumpers. We will try to accomodate every possible application, but keep in mind that some custom work (minimal at best), some imagination, and some ingenuity will be required to install this product (route ducting) to YOUR car.

    pics of various clearences at full lock:

    I <3 Nisei Engineering

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    do you notice a differance with them installed?
    Boost, The only replacement for displacement!!!

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    Probably a good idea for the track.

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