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Decide to get stage1 after owning the evo for 1.5 years....during this time I've discovered what I disliked about the stock suspension...mainly how it handled in high speed long sweeping turns...guess I should take this time to thank that new honduh accord for showing me the light

Pero goes in for the stage1 and Josh tells me pero is sick...has a tie rod that was bent as he was adjusting the front alignment. Josh to his best of his abilities gets the alignment done. Warns me of the cocked steering wheel. So pero was sent home because it was the last one to get treatment before the Mueller team was on holiday break. Josh was confident that pero would be able to run like it use to.

Notice the steering wheel didn't feel tight and snug like it did after my 1st Mueller alignment. Asked pero if it wanted to play and agreed to some light agility exercises...executed the routines just fine...but it was afterwards that I noticed pero wasn't ready for the routines just yet.

2 weeks fly bye...I treated pero with care as to not aggravate it's injury any further...gave it a nice bath/grooming treatment...the results were amazing...pero's coat was nice and shiny

Yesterday was pero's appointment with the Mueller team...after the operation was done...John said let's take pero for a jog...John was explaining me the proper way to handle pero during agility exercises...then executed a very slick heel-toe and throttle turn...the speed & balance pero had was amazing :'(

After the paperwork for pero had been cleared...I was given the leash for pero...immediately when I grabbed the steering wheel it felt snug and firm...a good sign pero was healthy and can stand up strong

Pero was barking the whole time and wanted to run instead of trot...Santa Fe finest was behind pero...and wouldn't stop trailing pero from imperial hwy all the way to the merging onto the 5 fwy......my firm grasp of the leash said other wise ^-^

Pero was stirring/upset about the leash and wanted to play instead of going home...skip the turn for home and let the leash some slack...pero executed the routines just fine and showed no negative signs afterwards :smitten:

Healthy Tie Rod

Bent Tie Rod View #1

Bent Tie Rod View #2

Trophy View#1

Trophy View#2

Thank you John, Josh, and Chris for making pero handle like a champ again :thewave:

One very satisfied Mueller customer