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Thread: heel-toe/rev-match

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    Default heel-toe/rev-match

    Quote Originally Posted by methods4
    Quote Originally Posted by missred
    So how many track days did it take for you to get comfortable with the heel and toe?
    It's hard to explain. I never had to "get comfortable" with it while on the racetrack because I do it on the street everyday. It becomes natural to heel/toe so you don't even think about. Kinda like using the clutch or shifting into a gear. You don't think about it, it just happens. I don't advise practicing heel/toe on the racetrack until it becomes 2nd nature to you. Plenty of other stuff to concentrate on.

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    Default heel-toe/rev-match

    Quote Originally Posted by MitsuMan
    I can barely do it with my size 13's. I think I need a big ass brake pedal like Boris Said maybe I sit too close
    yea...try sittin a hair further back. my 6'3 with size 11.5 friend in his datsun 510 was always tellin me he couldnt do it (the car doesnt really have a gas pedel...just the imagine how far the pedels r apart) but he was complainin that his legs r too long and his ankel couldnt roll that i was like...try sittin further if ur feel like ur too cramped up...and BAM!! he was heel toein in no time!!

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    Default heel-toe/rev-match

    Quote Originally Posted by ZK
    I just toe heel downshift everywhere I go when I am slowing down - corners, coming to a stop light etc. After a while it is a normal thing when you are driving.
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    Default heel-toe/rev-match

    The biggest issue with heel toe downshifting is not the physical articulation of the ankle, blipping the throttle,'s timing and pressure, so the shift is seamless. Like many other physical/timing excercises there are many different approaches to the sequence, some race drivers even complete the shift first, then blip the throttle, etc...but what is key is matching the revs appropriately. You can do all the blipping you want and still not be in the appropriate rev range. The issue with it is to learn to do it so you are actually improving your balanced entry into a corner, and not so that you have picked up a "cool car thing" for your smack talking arsenal..."I can Heel toe just like the guys in the best motoring vids, etc.."
    Of course I'm not claining anyone on these boards would have the aforementioned reason for doing it :roll:

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    Default heel-toe/rev-match

    the evo is the easiest car to heel toe on. i wouldnt try to learn it on an evo though.

    i learned on my honda accord.
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    Default heel-toe/rev-match

    The pedals in my Miata are well-placed for heel-toe as well. I think it requires a bit more finesse to heel-toe at low speeds than the Evo--in the Evo you really want to give the throttle a good jab; the Miata needs very light blips of the throttle if you're downshifting coming up to a stop.

    I had a really difficult time heel-toeing in my dad's Mazda 6. I don't know if it has an electronic throttle or what, but the throttle response is slowwwww--hit the pedal and you only get revs a half-second later. Makes it difficult to time the throttle blips. The pedals were also far from ideal; I think the brake pedal was too far forward relative to the throttle and I couldn't contort my foot enough to give the throttle a good jab while lightly applying brakes.

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    Default heel and toe

    I was amused by the quote from the race instructor, as what he was saying was entirely true, but spoken from the perspective of someone who has never paid for their own transmission rebuild. I double clutch everywhere, but only to extend the life of the transmission.

    I raced with people in GTI Cup who replaced their transmissions more than once per year, while I raced three seasons on the same transmission with no failures at all. The only difference was double clutching.
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