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Thread: 120k now and counting...

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    Just installed ACT clutch and flywheel. Also changed out rear main seal, and the two o-rings between the transfer case and tranny.

    If you want a nice clutch job, clean everything out, lube up the contact points, and get some emery cloth and cross hatch the flywheel and pressure plate surfaces. It will help the clutch break in and mesh them up better.

    Also removed the subframe and rack and installed some bushings while it was out. Cleaned the back of the block, subframe, tranny, and transfercase. Good as new.

    BTW, unless you absolutely want to do a clutch yourself so you can give your car the extra tender love and care, don't. It's a heck of a job.

    I'm off to do some porting now.

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    nice! lol im at 123k im my 95 Eclispe GSX
    95 GSX
    HX-35 powered, methanol injected 95 GSX
    - [email protected] w/ 1.844 60' (not running HX-35 then)
    Cammed 03 Evo 12.8 @105.5 With 1.7 60'-Sold

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    Nice 1 Phia!
    Keep it running strong.

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    Very impressive bro.

    You got one well maintained EVO right there!
    &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; <br /><br />[quote [email protected] link=topic=31207.msg532273#msg532273 date=1214857352]<br />Ryan gates was only 4 tenths of a second slower than us and all it has is robi kw V3&#39;s, exhaust, reflash and some light motor supporting mods.<br /><br />It has renewed my faith in mitsu. The evo 10 is 100% still a Evo, and a damn good version at that.<br />[/quote]

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    Your car is a beast. I salute you soldier.
    06 TB Evo IX GSR
    MODS: Apex-i Catback, Works Drop in filter.
    "Maybe" Soon to be E85 powered

    10/22/08 Infineon Raceway 13.997

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    sweeet!how's the compresion?what weight oil are you running?any valvetrain noise?
    05' eb evo VIII

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    I'll probably check the compression when I get my Denso plugs. I've always run 5w30. Never ran 10w30.

    I did notice that the center diff fluid is always darker every time I change the drive train fluids. I might change it up and do the center diff at every 15k and the trans and rear at ever 30k.

    I'm going to share a bit of battery knowledge, since a lot of guys are buying mini batteries and having them die in a year or less.

    Every time we install a battery at the shop, we do what is called an install charge. We charge the battery for 15 minutes at 10amps. This is for a regular lead acid battery. We do this because batteries do sit on shelves for awhile, and a lot of them are not fully charged. Contrary to popular belief, an alternator (generator) does not charge a battery. It just maintains it.

    Mini batteries are AGM batteries from what I know, and some are gel. An AGM battery is still lead acid, but instead of just plates, and acid fluid, there is fiberglass cloth in between the plates and the acid is absorbed into this cloth. Gel batteries have gel instead of the fiberglass cloth.

    The big precaution with AGM and gel batteries is that you CANNOT jump start or charge them at higher than 5 amps without running a risk of damaging them. If you absolutely have to jump a car with one of these batteries, don't run the negative clamp to the battery, clamp it onto a chassis ground instead. Charging these batteries at high amps causes little explosions inside them, and you just ruined your battery, which in turn drastically shortens it's life.

    To check if you have a fully charged battery, just grab a volt meter. A perfect batter should have 12.6 volts, no more, no less. If it doesn't have 12.6 volts, you want to charge it until it does. The best way to charge it is to put it on a low amp trickle charger that charges between 2 and 5 amps. If the battery is registering 1 volt low (11.6) you will have to charge it for about 8 hours. If it's lower than that, I usually let it sit overnight, sometimes longer. If after a couple days a battery doesn't hold a charge, it's dead.

    You also want to load test a battery too is you think it's questionable. You can buy a load tester, or have your local autozone or kragen do it for free. But make sure it's not tested over 40 amps, or it will kill the battery too. The general rule of them is 20 amps for 20 seconds, and the voltage shouldn't drop under 10 volts.

    If you take these couple precautions and know what you're getting when you put a new batter in, you'll save yourself a lot of headache.

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    Life and times of Evo maintenance, summed up in pictures...

    clutch install

    How to tell when you need your timing belt changed

    Which cam gears not to buy

    Perrin coupler versus Injen

    120k mile engine bay

    Hunter's most badasstest alignment rack (yes, that's a 36" LCD screen)

    Properly used

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    Ohh what, that alignment rack can also align humans. So let me get this straight, if someone is walking with a limp on the right side, then you throw him on the alignment rack and tweak the left leg a bit and badda bing, badda bang. All set. The only problem now his shoes on the left leg are going to wear faster than the right leg. :lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightwalker

    How to tell when you need your timing belt changed

    Brand new belts will do that as well depending on where everything is in its revolution.

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