lol. I bought a 09 GG RA & its 10K difference not 2K. I went in for an EVO and they wanted 34K to 38K plus tax & lic its close to 40K.

SoCal SuperStore got better pricing you can get RA for around 24K. idk.

RA get better gas mileage but the engine is the same,
it does have AWD & Turbo. Better DD imo.

You can mount stock EVO X wheels on the Stock Height RA without issues.

You can have the same EVO X power with EVO X turbo swap, which Im doing still need EVO X Turbo Inlet and Outlet Pipes.

So far it everything costed me a little below 1K (EVO X Turbo w/ Wastegate, EVO X FMIC and pipes, Exhaust Manifold, O2 Housing, EVO IX JDM/Metal BOV) all used parts but in great conditions.

So its about your personal budget by all means
if you can afford an EVO more power to you.

My RA payment is $352/mo with 8K down
For an EVO is more like $552/mo with 8K down.

Insurance on my RA is $118/mo
Insurance for an EVO is more like $250+/mo

RA $470/mo
EVO $802/mo

Thats not including Gas. I got rent and other bills.
So for me RA is a better choice.
Than again some people get killer deals like 30K for an EVO X.
Im not that special so I dont get those type of deal.