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Thread: Disgusts you when women..........

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    +1 to the bad BO, "excessively" hairy (my Lady has hair on forearms but very little). +1 for undeservingly cocky women.

    I hate when women curse / act hard. Hella unattractive! My lady curses but not in front of me. She used to and I'd get irritated so she knows now. And a lady bein a thug like she gonna whoop a$$ is disturbing. I am down for a lady who can fight, but don't act like a testosterone driven teenage boy doin it.

    I like well-mannered women. I'm not strict on it in private, but when times call for it in public, yes.

    And +1 for gold diggers. I'll usually pay anyway, just don't EXPECT me to pay. And dun be like "baby, let's get something to eat" then the check comes "thanks baby". F^ck that!

    Must be clean/organized as well. Has to have a house you can walk around in and not worry about touching anything cuz it won't get you sticky. A bed is for sleeping, not another place to lay your dirty clothes. Makeup on the pillow is a no-no. Granted you come home late and tired so it smears on there. If I come over a few days later and it's still there then someone gonna be puttin new ones on and washin the others.

    I've had some girls w/ big turn-offs but this is all I can remember.

    Oh, and the fuzz has to be well-kept. It sucks tryna have a meal and your nose is getting tickled. Weak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurk View Post
    What kind of nasty ass hoes have you dating?!?
    Only one time. I was in college at SFSU and she was on the basketball team. OMFG it was all I could do not to say something. I broke up with her shortly after the 1st whiff. It was absolutely horrible.

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    Chicks who smoke, who throw their towel on the floor after showering, and who have stinky breath/farts!!...oh and chicks who spend too much time away from the kitchen!!
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    fake lashes. big women who have their midriff(sp) hangin out between their pants and tops. and big women who let their crack show when bending over. uhm... big women in general. heavy makeup. yellow teeth. etc etc

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    kinda off topic

    what is good on pizza and bad on a vagina ? crust

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