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Thread: GoPro HD $229 preorder, wont last long

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    Default GoPro HD $229 preorder, wont last long

    Hey guys, I dunno if you guys have seen the new GoPro camera, I know GST uses them in a few videos. Well they finally made a HD version that will record 1080P and looks f'n amazing. I just ordered one yesterday. Had a friend tell me about a site that will sell preorders at $229 vs the retail $299 price. The Camera is technically out as of Oct 15th so this deal isnt suppose to exist. Just add it to the cart and you will get the $229 price. Mine ended up coming out to $259 with tax ($20) and shipping ($9).

    Order here

    Camera info here

    Definatly check out the videos and see the quality.

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    sounds like a sweet deal.....have you posted any vids yet?

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    Post up some videos if you haven't, ha....i think we all wanna see.

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