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Thread: EVO 5 RHD> mirage conversion> The truth.

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    Default EVO 5 RHD evo 8 motor> mirage conversion> The truth.

    I started in april of 2008, started out with just a shell bare metal no parts what so ever, except it had the body work dune already which was why I pcked it up.
    this was a 98 mitsubishi mirage 4 door I had to by piece by piece to part a hole car together because I could not afford a front clip at the time.
    I was living a apartment build in san francisco community garage I did most of the work then towed it to nevada where I finish it out side in my friends parking lot ( snow sux)
    Most of you guys may think its just a mirage but Really there is no parts besides the frame that I can think of that is not a part from a evo 4,5,6,8,9 on my car even the k frame.
    part list
    evo 5 widebody
    evo 5 rs fog light covers
    evo 5 VIS carbon fiber trunk
    1 piece evo 4,5,6 headlights
    10k hid
    evo 5 tail lights
    evo 9 rear vortex diffuser
    5 zigen rims 17x9 15.offset
    255/40.17 advansa032 front
    255/40./17 bridgestines in rear
    was a evo 8 motor 2nd motor
    evo 4 tranny (shorter shift ratios)
    evo 8 transfer case with LImited slip )
    act clutch
    works light weight flywheel 11lbs
    255 fuel pump
    cone filter
    after market exhaust manifold
    after market 02 houseing
    3" inch turbo back with magna flow for a resonater ( I welded my own axhaust)
    evo 9 turbo
    after market motor mounts
    steel braided cluthc lines and brake lines.
    3000gt master cylinder
    after market licp and IC
    cromeoly axels ( drive shaft shop satge 2)
    tuned ....flash ecu was a evo 8 ecu changed it up ( cant tell)
    cf spark plug cover
    wire tucked engine bay
    custom cf airbox to head lights.
    5 lug conversion
    custom rear 5 lug ( save weight) instead of brembos (over kill for me
    .................................................. .........................................
    evo 9 rear seats
    bride front seats (
    evo 5 dash
    evo 9 carpet
    stock evo 9 mr gauges
    hks turbo timer
    hks full suspension hyper max
    full evo 4 k frame
    evo 4,5 suspension lca, upper lower. sway bar
    evo 9 rear trunk bar
    strut bar
    custom adjustable rear control arms (
    out come
    2,200lb car

    now heres some pics
    not up to date sorry.
    after many mirage owned\
    enigne bay just taped in the right hand drive fire wall

    motor from japan evo 4

    some evo wireing


    1st attempt to paint engine bay

    funn time wireing

    evo harness was chooped up a little. Wired up the stock evo climent controls

    ruff of my rear adjustable control arms still had to bev and cut and weld

    fitment of the rear control arms

    had no cherry picker ( couldnt wait) so i jacked the car up rolled the engine in on a skatebaord
    then droped teh car on the floor and jacked the engine into place (haha)

    new hks timing belt just did

    custom rear disk 5 lug ( down graded from brembos
    1g eclipse

    custom carbon fiber aribox in the makeing

    lightweight doors

    trunk with evo 9 bar fits and bolts up perfect

    motor that was going to go in( but didnt feel like wireing up the mivec
    so used a evo 8 motor

    droped the motor again and repainted engine bay for wire tuck

    pepper white mine cooper off white

    front bumper evo 5 rs fog light covers ( hard to find

    evo 5 lower ball joint was bent so I had to custom fit a evo 9 lower ball joint for the front control arms

    body work I molded in the sideskirts( which the side skirts are molded to the front fiberglass fenders
    shaved rear door handles and antenna

    out come after painted

    thanks for looking.

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    cutom rear tube sub frame coming soon!

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    Wow, the car looks awesome.

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    dude that looks sick man

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    great job man..!
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    Thanks fellaz

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    Damn, this car whips! Good job man, this is some original shit!
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    well done, nice job

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    dude ive seen you at serramonte, ive seen you by my boys house, aha, tenants told me you moved in. pretty sick.
    JDM*Dynasty from the 510->415->650

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