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Thread: Warped rotors inquiry

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    I read you thread on EE but since i'm checking stuff here i'll post here.

    You already pretty much got some good responses but just to help clarify if you think about it when you squeeze the pads together w/ more pressure it will try and keep the rotor as straight as possible w/in the pads so if you lightly apply brake pressure there will be more of a chance for the rotor to spin around unbalanced and out of harmonics causing more of a feel in the wheel and throughout the car.

    When you apply heavier pressure the pads basically try and straighten out the rotor but eventually you just end up w/ uneven everything lol.

    Oh well at least it's a very simple/straight forward fix

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    ^^^ thanks Pat for your explanation.
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    buy new one's man or resurface the old if you can.

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    I did resurface mine once, but CT9LUV IMO its just better to get a new set, its gonna coast a bit more but its definitely worth, I tried both ways and new rotors been great for me .

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