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    Hello Forum!

    My name is Joe and I represent Accelerated Tube, a new vendor on this site!

    Accelerated is a supplier of tubes, tubing, and mandrel bent tubing products. We build and stock product in popular materials such as Stainless, Aluminum, Chromoly, Mild Steel, and soon... Titanium and Inconel.

    We have full mandrel bending capability and are equipped with production level equipment that can handle small lot runs to larger high volume production runs.

    We're able to build full stainless exhaust systems or intercooler pipes. Too add even more we’re able to do even the tightest radius (1D) and our full CNC equipment specializes in "multi-bend" assemblies.

    We also carry and have on-hand all the time, stock elbows in aluminum and stainless in sizes ranging from 1.5" all the way to 4" diameters.

    We are a US company that uses top quality US made materials.

    We are conveniently located here in the San Francisco bay area. We are capable of shipping to anywhere in the world with very reasonable shipping rates.

    Please visit us at:

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    if building a stainless exhaust I hope it would be cheaper then buying one made already$ 200ish

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    I need a 3inch stock looking cat to replace my test pipe

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    Awesomeness!!!!!! I have been looking for you all, all my life awesome welcome aboard. I gotta check out the shop sometime

    Btw you got pmed
    3300 LBS. of stock sexyness
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    Wow pricey man they charge as much as a name brand exhaust LOL

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