If you're interested, American Autocross Series (AAS) is holding their 5th and 6th events of the season on June 1 and June 2 down in Marina. This is a fun group to run with, and usually has a small turnout. Anyone is welcome, there's no club to be a member of. Each day is $40 and you'll be guaranteed 5 runs. If you come out, you'll see some awesome, fast cars driven by a number of SCCA national champions, and have tons of fun. AAS is known for having faster, more open courses than most other groups in the Bay Area.

Saturday June 1 Info: http://americanauto-x.com/schedule/r...sp?EventID=171
Sunday June 2 Info: http://americanauto-x.com/schedule/r...sp?EventID=172

Directions to the site: http://americanauto-x.com/info/defau...Page=Locations