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    I thought I would add this post to document my adventures in the autocross world and post my setup for those of you that are either wondering what's done to my car or what it takes to build a competitive autocross car. I'll post my videos and any tech tidbits I come across or discover here.

    The Car - Built for the SCCA Street Modified Class

    2006 Evolution IX MR
    Color: Graphite Gray

    Engine Mods:
    GST Special 2.3L Stroker
    4G64 2.4L Crank
    JE FSR Forged Pistons 9.0:1 CR
    Brian Crower Forged H-beam rods
    ARP rod bolts
    ACL race main bearings
    ACL race rod bearings
    Gates Racing timing and balancer belts
    Setrab 25 row oil cooler
    Deleted EGR
    ETS 3" Intake
    Ported BBK Full turbo with 84mm FP Anti-surge housing
    Blox front engine mount
    MAP O2 Eliminator Downpipe
    Blox 3" test pipe
    Magnaflow titanium exhaust (12lb!!!)
    Nisei aluminum LICP
    ETS 3.5" FMIC
    Nisei aluminum UICP
    Synapse Synchronic BOV
    OEM throttle body
    OEM intake manifold
    MAP Shortrunner exhaust manifold
    FIC 1350cc injectors
    Comptech ported/polished head
    GSC S2 cams (274/274)
    Supertech valvesprings
    Supertech titanium retainers
    Supertech valve seals
    Bronze valve guides
    GSC lifters
    Supertech 1mm oversize valves
    ARP head studs
    Omnipower 4bar MAP sensor
    Saikou Michi dual catch can
    Zeitronix wideband o2
    Walbro 416LPH fuel pump w/ hardwire
    Fuelab Mini AFPR
    E85 Fuel
    Tephra v7 w/ map switching
    Shorai 2.2lb lithium ion battery
    415whp/390wtq @~26psi
    435whp/435wtq @~32psi

    Drivetrain Mods: custom ACD mapping
    Evo IX 5 speed swap
    ACT HD 6 puck
    STM one-piece SS Clutch line
    Buschur metal underhood shifter bushings
    Torque Solutions shifter base bushings
    TRE built transfercase w/ Cusco RS 1-way clutch type front diff
    Weir Performance 12 plate MaxGrip rear diff rebuild
    Devo 2pc lightweight driveshaft
    AMS moustache bar delete

    JRZ RS Pro coilovers (900lb (~16kg)fr/1100lb (~20kg)r)
    Whiteline Roll Center Correction Kit
    Whiteline 26mm front swaybar w/ Cusco adjustable mounts
    27mm progress 3-way rear swaybar or oem 22mm swaybar
    Perrin PSRS Offset Bushings
    CiroDesign Camber/Caster Plates
    Various Whiteline bushings
    Rotorpros 1-piece rotors
    Raybestos ST43 front/Ferodo DS2500 rear pads

    -4.0/-3.0 camber front/rear
    1/8" toe-out front/3/8" toe-in rear
    6.5 degrees caster front

    18x10.5 +30 Enkei NT03+M (25mm spacer front)
    285/30/18 Hoosier A6 or 285/30/18 BFG R1-S

    17x10 +18 Enkei RPF1 (15mm spacer front)
    245/40/17 Hoosier H2Os (wets)

    Schroth Ralleye 3 3pt harness (driver side)
    Personal Grinta 330mm steering wheel w/ NRG short hub and quick release
    NRG carbon fiber driver seat (12lb) w/ Buddy Club Super Low brackets
    Removed back seats
    Deleted AC
    Deleted radio and speakers
    Binary shift knob

    Modded EvoDave fender widening kit
    Pulled rear fenders (enough to fit 18x10.5 +22)
    Deleted rear wiper

    Current weight is about 2960lb w/ 3/4 tank w/o driver.

    I'm sure there's more I've forgotten, so I'll add it as I think of it.

    Special thanks to my sponsors: FFTEC Motorsports, AutoRnd, GoPro, Weir Performance, Perrin

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