Hey folks, been a while since I've been back to these forums.

Recently I've been really hitting sticky throttle problems when my car is cold (when it warms up, it's not a problem). I've ignored it for a while, but figure I should finally address it now. I've already figured out that the problem is just a dirty throttle body, and have some concerns with cleaning this out myself.

I've read in a few different threads that it's an easy cleaning, however, Mitsubishi puts some sort of coating on the throttle plate and if you use the standard spray cleaners (like what you can find at Autozone or O'Reilly's), it will remove the coating as well. This may result in a poor seal on the plate and the car running slightly lean (higher idle rpms)?

Any suggestions of what product would be safe for this coating, or maybe dispelling the coating rumor? Thanks in advanced!