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    get on the brakes hard after turn-in... the rear will come around, but once you get back on the gas, the front wheels will pull the car straight, no need to counter steer much ... look at Shiv's drifting video (one lap), you will see that the front wheel does very little to no counter steer, also watch the bonus video at the end of the drift bible dvd, you will also see some evo and sti drifting... look at the front wheels. also, i don't think our center diff likes donuts very much.

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    Yeah, the e-brake should be used only for parking and emergencies, because otherwise you risk wearing/damaging the center diff.

    The STi doesn't have this problem because it has an active (electronic) center diff that disengages the rear drive when the handbrake is pulled.

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    Anyone here have an upgraded rear sway bar? According to RRE's webpage, it makes the EVO pretty tail-happy.

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    When the EVO's suspension is all loaded up (full body roll), do a quick throttle lift (just blip the throttle). That causes the back end to kick out in the direction of the turn. that is, if turning left, the backend will kick out left.

    By modulating the throttle and steering input you can maintain the drift. The key is to maintain the same level of "slip" (lack of grip) accross all 4 tires.

    To drift like shiv's car you definately need alot of power and a front LSD at a minimum to keep all 4 spinning.

    A good suspension helps too...

    do not try this on the street, your a fvcking idiot if you do
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    just come into turn really hot and stab the brake hard after the weight tansfers rev and pop the clutch then counter steer a little make shure you give yourself alot of room though parking lots are good the farthest I gotten in my evo is about 40yards if you really want to slide do it in the recently rained black top.

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    While technically not teh dorifto, it's still damn impressive!!

    right-click, save as...
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    hey wassup man i see that youre here now also,im the guy with the white evo who switched tails with erwin.

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