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Thread: Drifting

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    Default Drifting

    ^^ sup man... you wanna drift???

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    Default Drifting

    Quote Originally Posted by vtluu
    Yeah, the e-brake should be used only for parking and emergencies, because otherwise you risk wearing/damaging the center diff.

    The STi doesn't have this problem because it has an active (electronic) center diff that disengages the rear drive when the handbrake is pulled.
    You really shouldnt use the e-brake for emergencies, its actually just a parking brake. It used to be called an emergency brake a long time ago (even though the name has stuck now, most manuals and dealers arent allowed to call it that) until people started using it in emergencies and all it got them was out of control and another, maybe worse emergency.

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    Default Drifting

    Well, you know, there's the kind of emergency when you have to get the car sideways and/or spinning. :lol:

    I meant if the main brakes fail due to loss of hydraulics. Even then you have a point, it's probably better to use engine braking to roll to a stop--if possible.

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    Default Drifting

    the rs without abs makes it a bit esier to do
    throttle lift really gets the ass outthen you could do a little left foot braking to transfer weight and power out burnin
    be safe though this aint initial d!

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    Default Drifting

    i need awd

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    Default Drifting

    Depending how much traction and understeer you have, you can late brake, lift throttle, and lastly you can use a feint motion. Feint will pretty much guarantee to start your drift.
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    Default Drifting

    Drift the EVO using the weight transfer technique...slight adjustment to the chassis couldn't hurt.

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    Default Drifting

    im a little confused, but maybe im not thinking of the same thing as yall.

    but i "drift" at will on 90 degree turns, like middle of 2nd gear speed.

    i just go at the turn in middle of 2nd, let off a little as i turn the wheel hard(kinda turn late for the turn) then gun it and my rear wheels spin till im going stright again, but its time to shift anyway.

    But maybe thats not a drift but people in ym car w/ me think it is. Maybe you all are talking about doing this at high speeds in 4th gear :shrug:

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    Default Drifting

    Yeah, i've done it for fun.. I've always just used weight transfer.. Either throttle lift or taping the brake before or during a turn to lighten up the rear end.

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    Default Drifting

    to get the EVO in a "true" drift (continue sliding sideways) not just tail out action, takes a lot of balls. Saw millen do it in his EVO 7 at a drift event a couple years back. It's really insane. The car was really sideways, almost 90 degrees.

    I've heard from people who rally and can drift awd on pavement, it's more or less holding your breath, throttle hard, steer, and look out the side window.

    I can drift rwd, but awd is a whole 'nother game. Maybe with more track time.

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