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    I have recently fitted a GM 3 port solenoid and noticed a lot of you guys on this forum are using them with great success,I have a question though, If I dial the BDEL in correctly should I be able to use the stock TBEC table or do most of you use a modified one as theres not a lot of information around regarding modifying the TBEC table.

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    I found that I had to greatly modify the TBEC with the GM 3 port. It takes alot less change in the waste gate duty cycle per amount of boost than with the stock BCS. Some people run zero upward correction, I run .5 on the + side and the top 3 or 4 levels at 0, downward correction mostly .5 to I think 7. Read the info on evom in the tuning section under links helpful for tuning or something like that. Mrfred, touringbubble, razorlab ..... have posted a ton of info. Evokid has a tutorial on controlling boost with the 3 port and I think it is on this site. Good luck, be patient, it takes some time to get it right.
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